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utest_logo.jpguTest is a global marketplace for software application testing that pays its members for every bug found. When the site was launched speculations about the pricing of the pay per bug scheme raised questions. Some would think that what if the price per bug discovered in a software is similar to a pay per click advertising rate which would really suck. But, the company said that testers can make an earning from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. This will depend on the tester-expertise and bug pricing.

Another thing that concerns testing professionals and end-user testers is the mode of payment. As of the moment, the company will only pay the users through a uTest branded debit card Mastercard from Payoneer . Yeah you read it right, no Paypal . This is what they have to say about the matter:

I wanted to take a few minutes and write about the concerns that were expressed about the uTest card/payment plan with Payoneer debit Mastercard. The concerns were centered around our choice of a payment plan and how it sounded to some as a credit card affiliate program “scam.”

Firstly, we chose the Payoneer debit card system because it would offer our testing community the most cost effective option and the fast way of getting paid. Our developing community is truly global, and we wanted to choose an option that would give the greatest number of options to the largest amount of our testers. The debit card would allow individuals to use their funds any way they wish: through an ATM cash withdrawal, paying just like a regular Mastercard credit card, and direct transfer to their bank account.

This is an interesting idea that uTest have come up with. The end users themselves will be the one who will test the software. Who else is better to test a newly released product than those who will actually use it in actual application. The community is open to everyone, all you need to do is sign up for the program and answer a few questions about yourself and software questions like the OS (Operationg System), antivirus, browser that you are using. This probably will make it easier for them to understand what kind of software environment you will be working on.

Recently, uTest announced a first round funding of 1.7 Million Dollars. So, if you are up for some bug hunting, check out their website and sign up.

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