TwittyPic: Collecting Popular Images Posted on Twitter

Twitter users all know that there are a lot of images being thrown around Twitter every day. Some of them we see on our network and some of them are popular on networks outside ours. If you’re interested in taking a peek on what images are popular on Twitter, you can check out TwittyPic. It’s a site that collects images posted on Twitter that has some level of popularity.

We scout Twitter in real time for mentions of pics. When something seems popular, it gets posted on Twittypic.

Like in most social networks, some media that are posted are useful and informative, some are funny and some just makes you feel good just by looking at them. Whatever the content of the images that seemed to have gained a level of popularity on Twitter, chances are that you can view them on TwittyPic.

TwitPic also lets you retweet those images so that the people on your network can view them. You can also check out the tweets made by the people who discussed it on Twitter. You can also use TwitPic to check out other users’ Twitter page or just enjoy the images collected by the service.

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