Twistori: Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel, Wish

twistoriTwistori is a website that utilizes Twitter to display Tweets that contains selected keywords. You can view different comments and messages made by different people on Twitter in a streaming fashion. You can choose the keywords Love, Hate,Think, Believe, Feel and Wish.

Simply click which keyword you want Twistori to stream on your screen and watch them scroll right before your eyes. If you are particularly interested on the keywords mentioned above, this is a great site to visit in order to view related tweets. You won’t have to search for the keywords and browse page by page to view the comments. Simply sit back and enjoy the streaming tweets that contain the keyword of your choice.

TwisTori is already a great idea as it is, simple but effective. It may not be much of a web app as of now, but if it is to evolve in to a real time search where you can input a keyword of your choice and view results streams, it will definitely worth watching out for. As of now, Mac Users can enjoy the desktop application and screen saver for any-keyword search and stream.

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