TubePopper: Insert Text Bubbles in YouTube Videos

TubePopper is a new way of adding fun to your YouTube videos. It allows you to insert text bubbles and subtitles to YouTube videos. The service was built to search YouTube’s extremely large database of video content or you can use the available videos in TubePopper.

The editor is quite easy to use. Just search a video you want or create your own by inserting the YouTube video URL and you can immediately begin editing. To edit a video, just pause to the part of the video you want your text bubble to appear and select which type of text add-on you want to insert. You can edit the color and position of the text bubble, change font color and sizes, and adjust the transparency of your text bubble. When you’re done, just place a title and a brief description of your created video and click “done editing.”

TubePopper can be used for the following:

• Making cartoons out of Youtube videos (Make people think funny things, when they are saying something different)
• – Subtitling a video to make a new story out of the images
• – Translating existing video into new languages
• – Commenting on a video

This is a great tool for adding more spice to your own YouTube videos and to the ones uploaded by others. It’s great for making comments and video reactions to previously created videos. You can also embed the tubes created in TubePopper. Have fun with your videos.

Check out the video sample made by the TubePopper team.

5 Comments on “TubePopper: Insert Text Bubbles in YouTube Videos

  1. @Ms. Orange: I like neat stuff. Maybe some are not that useful as the others but they’re neat. 🙂

    @Learn2Flash: I can already see people making video reactions by placing their own text bubbles.

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