TheTop13: When Top 10 Just isn’t Enough

TheTop13 is a website geared towards providing us with the top 13 list of everything. If top 10 sites just doesn’t cut it, and you want to see the list further stretched, then this site might be the one that you’re looking for.

The site is not just an ordinary site that simply lists the Top 13 of their choice. It is also a community powered site where the rest can change the outcome of the list by voting on them. Comments are of course accepted to make the list more engaging to visitors.

The majority of the Top 13 lists will represent the collective view of those who are working behind the scenes at The Top 13 website. When a Top 13 list is posted, the team sometimes opens up the topic for submission from the members. You can also expect a Top 13 list prepared by a special guest chosen by the team.

A little trivia on the history of The Top 13 website

Finally, you’re probably wondering why we’re always counting down The Top 13, as opposed to the top 10 or any other number. Well, The Top 13’s creator was born on the 13th, wore 13 as his uniform number for as long as he played team sports, and hopes to rid the world of triskaidekaphobia.

* triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number 13

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