StumbleUpon: New Site and a Toolbar that Lets you Stumble Anywhere

StumbleUpon, the popular traffic generating and website discovery tool just released a new format for their website. The main page that you see in the screenshot now displays recommended sites with five stars ranking in SU.

Now you can use Stumbleupon on any browser by using their virtual toolbar. There is still an option to use the SU toolbars if you are IE and Firefox users but it is not entirely necessary anymore. You do not need to register in order to start stumbling but if you want to save the pages that you liked or rated, it will ask you to create an account. I also noticed that that if you are doing stumbles without an account, the pages that they will display on your stumbles are the top rated pages. In order to get pages from sites based on your selected categories, you still need to sign-up.

If you’re a StumbleUpon user and want to view their new website and check out their new toolbar, I would recommend using a different browser. There are reports that it’s still not appearing on everyone’s browsers. When I try to access their website using my Firefox with the SU toolbar installed, it brings me to the old site but if I access it using Chrome, the new design and toolbar appears. It sort of detects the browser that you are using or if you have a toolbar installed and will display the appropriate design based on the browser or the presence of a toolbar.

This is a big move for StumbleUpon. Non Firefox and IE users can now enjoy the full SU experience without having to install a toolbar. It would mean more users for them and less hassle for other browser users. I still prefer using the Firefox toolbar but this is great for people using browsers like Safari, Opera or Chrome. Enjoy Stumbling.

10 Comments on “StumbleUpon: New Site and a Toolbar that Lets you Stumble Anywhere

  1. That is actually really good news to me, because I have been wanting to switch my browser from FF to Google Chrome. I couldn’t, really, as my beloved Stumble Upon was on Fire Fox :p

    I am sort of hoping for a functional tool bar useful in Chrome, but until then, this is pretty darn close and I think I can move on!

  2. @Bas: Chrome is really a very promising browser but I can’t let go of my other plugins/add-ons in my Firefox. 😉

    @M.Pence: I’m waiting for the plugins that I’m using in FF to be available in Chrome. Until that happens I’m sticking with Firefox. Oh, before i forget, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I also like your comment system and the gallery plugin is awesome. Was that the NextGen gallery plugin?

    @Ritzchelle: You’re welcome.

    Gave one of your posts a stumble/followup stumble guys. Thanks for the comments. 😉

  3. Very true Bas. Firefox does have a nasty habit of devouring memory. LOL! I really liked Chrome’s task manager. Unlike FF, which closes all the tabs at the event of one error from a website. I try to use both though. It’s quite easy getting my bookmarks out of FF to Chrome by opening it on FF and dragging the tab to Chrome. I always get a kick out of that. 😉

  4. Agent Orange, that is indeed the NextGen gallery, with, admittedly, not a single thing done to customize anything. 😀

    And that’s true, about the add ons for Fire Fox, but Chrome is so much faster its hard to go back to FF!

  5. SU is one of my alltime favorite sites.My old account got banned because apparently I liked too many sites in a single day.What do I do? I’m an surfaddict.Anywho do not hesitate to add me (varundamark) on SU.

  6. @M.Pence: I know what you mean. It’s very tempting. I’m not sure if I want to totally give in to that temptation. LOL! I’ve been using a plugin called The Open in Google Chrome Firefox plugin for my bookmarks.

    @Varun: Maybe you should take it easy on the first few days of using SU. They currently changed their algorithm and I’m not quite sure what the new rules are.

    @Carol: You’re welcome Carol. 🙂

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