Streamy: A New Social Media Streaming Site Launches

streamyStreamy is a brand new social networking site with a lot of mix. It mainly functions as a social media aggregator. You can stream various social networks on your Streamy account. This includes Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Digg and Facebook.

You can also use Streamy as a RSS reader, a real-time news reader and real-time search engine. Customization is very easy to perform. You can add columns to your Streamy page in just a click and drag them to optimize the readability based on your screen size. There is also a recommendation engine that hands out blog recommendations based on your Streamy behavior.

Watch the Streamy video.

If you’re a user of the social media networks mentioned above, you’ll definitely find Streamy a worthy tool to manage them. You can even use it as your homepage instead of opening several tabs and logging in to view updates and post comments. It’s a service with a simple design that packs powerful features. A place where several social media tools are all rolled into one. Watch out for more features to be launched in the coming weeks.

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