StoryBird: A Collaborative Social Storytelling Service

storybirdStoryBird is a service that aims to bring families and friends closer together through short visual stories. It can also be used by teachers as a fun and collaborative way of learning. It can help with various learning styles and link student/teacher relationship. Narrative artists can also use the platform to connect with fans, sell their art and experiment new forms of storytelling.

To create a story using StoryBird, simply choose from a collection of artworks created by different artists. You can start a story using their pictures/art as inspiration or use a keyword to find an artwork related to your story theme. To add an artwork to your story page, just drag the image that is appropriate for your story or one that inspires you and start placing text on the provided text box. Adding or removing a page is as easy as clicking the + or – button on the bottom part of the page creator.

story bird picture story creator

If you’re not much of a storyteller but enjoy reading, you can browse and explore stories created by other members and add them to your reading list. You can share those stories with your friends or if you have kids, you can spend some storytelling time together to further strengthen your bond and values.

StoryBird is creative and fun way of creating and publishing your stories. The visual art found on the service are very inspirational. Each picture/image tells its own story. Combined with your own creativity with words, it becomes a completely new form of art presented in a unique fashion you can call your own.

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