Stearnest Meanings: A Chat Bot that Responds With Anagrams

stearnest meaningsStearnest Meanings is a chatter bot that responds with anagrams of what you said. Every time you type something, the bot will rearrange those letters to form new words out of them. It may look like having a nonsense conversation with someone but the bot is just actually rearranging your letters to give you new words.

Anagram – is another word fromed from another by rearranging its letters. Example: “Fun by none” is anagram of “funny bone.”

All you need to do to start an anagram conversation is to type-in whatever you want to say and the bot will respond accordingly. You’ll have to sometimes type in longer words in order to get better responses. Stearnest Meanings uses Anagram Genius to generate anagrams for its chat replies. The software was used by the writer Dan Brown to generate the anagrams in The Da Vinci Code book and movie.

Talk to Stearnest and discover how it is described as a master of wordplay and a shark of comebacks. You’ll be surprised and entertained with the replies that you’ll get from the anagram bot. In a way, it can be used to easily generate anagrams from sentences and phrases. You can play with it with your friends to generate secret messages. All you need to do is chat.

stearnest meanings anagram bot

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