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Smugmug, a photosharing and printing site founded by Chris MacAskill, 53, and Don MacAskill, 30, has been around for five years. They recently upgraded to a very smooth and fun user interface. One of the cool features of Smugmug is “SmugMungous.” This feature dynamically resizes the photos to fit your browser window depending on the size of the screen. They felt that users often change the size of their browser windows and switch between devices with different screen sizes. This will preserve the quality and the resolution of the images stored in Smugmug.

Video hosting is also supported by Smugmug and the dynamic resizing feature is also applied for this medium. The videos will automatically be resized depending on the size of the browser window’s size. Another new feature is for the high definition video which is encoded in H.264 and with a maximum size of 1280×720 can now be uploaded to and played through SmugMug using Quicktime (and, soon, Flash). When you upload high resolution video, it will automatically be encoded in a variety of sizes (“Web”, “iPod/DVD”, and “HiDef”).This will enable the user to play it back in a variety of settings.


All this cool features does not come without a price. Smugmug charges a minimum of 40 dollars per year for the service. This is good value for professionals who are looking for a good quality service to host their photos and videos not to mention access to unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Happy Anniversary Smugmug!

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  1. First, I would like to thank you for your comments on my blog. Since you didn’t leave any trail of your whereabout, I’ve yet to add you on the list of Entrecard’s members who read and leave comments on my blog.

    While surfing the Internet via Entrecard, I came by here and voila! I found Agent Bon.., oops sorry! I mean Agent Orange.

    Anyway, if Smugmug offer a one time payment, I might consider owning it. But to pay $40 per year, nah!

    See you around. Adding you soon.

    Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

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