Shareapic: Pays you for Sharing your Pic

shareapic.jpgHere is another way for you to make money online. Shareapic is another FREE image hosting website where you can upload unlimited pictures with no file size restrictions, get an embed code and display it in any site you like. The difference of Shareapic from other image hosts sites is that it pays its users for sharing their images. So, if are posting lots of pics in forums, MySpace or eBay, you can see how easy it is to earn quite a bit of money.

Shareapic payments are based on image views depending on their calculations of how much they will pay users per thousand views on a monthly basis. You can also place your Adsense pub account and Earn extra money from Google ads on your gallery pages. A widget is available that you can use to promote your Shareapic gallery. You can place it your blog sites or in your social networking site profile. You can also make money by referring users to join Shareapic, each time you refer a new user, you earn 10% of their image views FOREVER!


This move will attract more users thus attracting more advertising opportunities. Several sites have made this marketing move in order to get more market shares from giant competitors. If this type of marketing strategy continues to grow, there will be a lot of happy users making extra buck just for using a free service.

5 Comments on “Shareapic: Pays you for Sharing your Pic

  1. I had a very bad experience with shareapic recently. Have been using it for almost a year and sure they do pay but be very careful once your earnings start to increase and accumulate. I had a balance of USD100 and no, i did not do any autoclicks. They were page views from all the posting i did in various forums around the world. One day they just banned my account and after my appeal to them to reopen it, i was devastated to find out that they have totally wiped out all the photos and earnings with the reason that i do autoclicks, which i never did. Oh and do not forget that they will also slash 50% of your earnings with the reason that the traffic generated from your photos are from Asian countries, which no one can actually verify. Scam? its your say!

  2. They verified me about the “We do not get paid for Asian Traffic” thing after they deleted one of my galleries for naming it with a place you can find in Asia. It seemed that their advertisers only target US or European traffic so you will not get paid if people from Asia viewed your pictures. It has been reported that Shareapic’s reports are not that transparent which could lead to a scam without the user knowing. They should place a more transparent report about where the traffic is coming from so that every single user can see if it is worth using their service. Thanks for the reaction to this post and your comment will surely be noted.

  3. Shareapic is crap.. Total Scam only Moderators and a few users get paid on there.. everyone eles has to wait for months to get paid, and when the do you get like $4.00, They should be reported!

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