RateMyAnimations: Draw, Animate, Share

ratemyanimationsRateMyAnimations is a community powered site where you can create animations and share them anywhere. If you’re familiar with Rate My Drawings, a really cool drawing community with a great online drawing tool and a rocking share widget that displays an animation of the drawing being created right from where the artist made the first stroke. RateMyAnimations is a sister site of RateMyDrawings as you might already have guessed.

Additional features for video editing are added to the RateMyAnimation’s editor. The animation tool is basically a tweaked version of the drawing tool found in RateMyDrawings. Since the site is a community for artists, the animation editor does not let you upload pre existing images. You must create your animation from scratch by drawing. It would be nice though if they would allow you to upload or integrate your work from RateMyDrawings. This will give RMD artists to experiment with animation using their previous creations without having to draw them all over again. Anyway, the animation editor is still on beta so there should be more features coming soon.


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