Pict: Image Hosting in a Click

Pict is one of those online image hosts that do not require you to sign up or create an account. It’s there for you to use anonymously and freely. Upon landing on the Pict homepage, you can immediately upload images from your computer. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Once you have made your first upload, Pict will give you a unique URL for your album. To share the images that you uploaded, just hover to the thumbnail of the image and click the share button. You will be provided with share codes for blogs, forums and a direct link for the image.

Pict uses cookies to remember the images that you have uploaded. As long as you do not delete cookies from your browser, the previous images that you have uploaded in Pict will not disappear from the home page. If your cookies are set to expire at some point, be sure to bookmark the album URL that was provided to you during your first upload session. This will allow you to get back to your previous uploads, but will not allow you to add more images on that particular album.

Pict also has a Firefox add-on that allows you to make screenshots with one click and automatically upload them to Pict.com. The plugin also allows you to right-click and upload any image you see online. You can also share screenshots using the tool in a snap.

Here is the list of features of the Pict.com Firefox Plugin that you can download here.

• Make screenshots of websites
• Make screenshots of whole website
• Make screenshots of custom selected area
• Save screenshots in jpg/png formats
• Automatically upload screenshots to Pict.com
• Right-click and upload to Pict.com any image you see in your browser
• Link and share images on forums, blogs, social networks, etc.
• Upload images from your computer.
• Automatic link generation for forums, websites, etc. (Allows to insert image from local folder into forums with one right-click).

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to upload and share images online, pict.com is definitely worth a check out.


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  1. I am also using FireShot. But I have to host my images somewhere because I don’t own the webhost (where my blog sits on). I have not tried their built-in upload system.

    I still keep my eyes peeled for alternatives, in case FireShot does not work out for me.

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