NetRocket For Easy Bookmark Management

Are you finding it hard to manage your bookmarks scattered in different bookmarking sites and your browser? Here’s something that can make your life easier when it comes to managing your bookmarks:

NetRocket is a bookmarking service where you can easily bookmark a page through your browser. Sounds pretty ordinary, but the interesting thing about this web service is the way it lets you categorize your bookmarks for easier searching and management. You can even schedule your book mark to appear on a specific date or on a recurring basis of your choice. You may find a website that updates on a regular basis, is running an auction/sale/deal/article of interest at some advertised point in the future, or that you’d like to visit at regular intervals.


NetRocket also features a tag cloud of your keywords for your bookmarks. It also lets you import your bookmarks from your browser into NetRocket by using the import/export tool. Privacy is not an issue in NetRocket for you can set your bookmarks to be viewed publicly or choose to keep it to your self. If you choose to keep a URL private then it will not show in your bookmark RSS feed.

Another thing that I like about NetRocket is the interface. It is user-friendly with a nice and clean look which makes managing easier. An additional feature called hot destinations adds usability to the site by letting the user discover new sites by displaying their Top Five Tags, Top Ten Bookmarks and a list of recent additions to NetRocket. If you are a bookmark freak, maybe you should give it a try.

2 Comments on “NetRocket For Easy Bookmark Management

  1. Great find. I especially like the ability to set a bookmark to show up at a specific date. I just wrote a post about using Firefox tabs as a to do list. Everything I do is online. Having a bookmark appear on a certain date may be my version of a tickler file.

  2. Wow. This site is really useful. I’m not online all of the time so I forget sites that I’d like to visit. I’ve been using the netRocket for 2 weeks now and it’s really helped me.

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