Movie String Gives Twitter-Like Movie Reviews

Tired of getting long movie reviews that makes you want to watch the movie first before reading the review? You should check out MovieString. It’s a social networking/micro movie review site which allows its users to write short reviews about a particular movie.

The community writes the reviews and you can also view other reviews on a movie in your profile. Your MovieString profile also displays the number of people who likes you and whom you liked. You can send notes to people you liked and subscribe to their RSS review feeds. It’s like Twitter with a twist.

Micro-blogging is very popular nowadays. It’s fair to assume that more and more micro services will emerge in the near future. What I would personally like to see in MovieString is Twitter integration. That way, you can share your movie reviews to your Twitter followers.

3 Comments on “Movie String Gives Twitter-Like Movie Reviews

  1. Micro-blogging services are definitely on the increase. This reminds me a lot like blippr, where you can review movies within the community.

    I don’t mind movie reviews, but I try and read as little as possible before watching a movie that I’ve been waiting to see; I prefer the element of surprise. If the movie turns out to be really awesome, then I do want to read as many reviews about it (so this site will come in handy), just to get other people’s perspective.

  2. @Marie: I’m not a fan of full reviews either. All I wanted to hear about a movie is if it’s worth watching or not but I still want to decide for myself if whether I’ll see it. I do not base my decision on long movie reviews that’s why I like MovieString. I usually read them after watching a movie. I like to find out what other people are saying about the movie.

    @Joe: Welcome dude. 🙂

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