Mod My Life: Control People In Real Life, In Real Time


Mod My Life is the most hilarious and entertaining website that I have ever seen. It is new form of reality entertainment where you, yes you, can control a person in real life, in real time. Here’s how it works.  A mod is an action. You can suggest a mod by typing in something that you want the modstar to do. A modstar is the person you get to control, equipped with high end video, audio and mobile technology. When you suggest a mod, it automatically goes to a pool where other viewers can vote on the best. Votes are continually tallied and the winning mod will be sent out to the modstar to be performed.  You can think of a creative suggestion mod, vote for other’s suggestions or just simply watch what the modstar is doing, which most of the time is insanely hilarious.

When I logged in yesterday for a modcast, I watched  a modstar named Ray selling someone else’s car for forty dollars, then they made him walk on the streets of New York and yell “Yankees Suck.”  What I found amusing is that how the modstar faithfully follows the orders of the viewers. He may not like it, but when the voting is finished, he has no choice but to give it a shot and carry out the order. The modstar is contacted through a cell phone every few minutes or so after the voting for a mod is done to carry out the new order.

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