Make Scheduling Easier Using Presdo

Presdo is a simple, but has the potential to be an extremely and useful and interactive, online scheduler that lets people input natural language to set up meetings. By using the text-based interface, Presdo lets people say as much or as little about the event as they want when creating events.

To use the service just enter a natural language text related to your meeting and schedule. For example, you can input “Monday morning with Martin,” Presdo will assume that Monday is tomorrow provided that today is Sunday and will suggest the best time in the morning for a meeting. If it conflicts with a schedule you already set up, you can get suggestions for the best time or enter your desired time.

The next step is to advise the person you are setting the meeting with. Just enter the email of the person and a notification mail will be sent to the person or group of people involved. You can also add a location or use a suggestion list (or map) powered by Google Maps for the invited person to choose from. Pretty cool? It gets even better when the invited party receives the invitation. A link to Presdo will be provided for the guest where he (she) can automatically reply if he (she) can make it or not by pressing a button. The guest can also suggest a better time if he (she) is not available at the time that you (the sender) have suggested. When everything is set, both parties can save their schedules in their calendar of choice. Presdo supports Outlook, iCal, Yahoo! Calendar and of course Google Calendar.

This takes the hassle out of trying to find the best time to get together with people. You can use Presdo to minimize the annoying ping pong of email, texting, and voicemail when organizing the next team lunch or trying to grab coffee with a friend.

4 Comments on “Make Scheduling Easier Using Presdo

  1. I’ve been using a really easy scheduling service called ScheduleOnce ( It doesn’t require registration and it gets the job done fast.

  2. Burst: Yeah it’s a pretty cool service. The login will help you secure your schedules and you also get email notifications to verify the schedules or meetings that you set up. This will protect you n cases like co-workers seting up a meeting in your stead in case you left your Presdo account active in your office computer.

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