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Make Notes Of Everything With Ubernote

ubernote.jpgThis webservice needs no flashy introduction. Ubernote is a simple jot down notes web service, simple yet very useful. Store everything from To do lists, contacts, bookmarks, web clips, passwords, notes to self, meeting notes, research, recipes, an anything you can think of worth making a note about. The service offers a rich text editor that you can use to edit your notes. It’s like an online notepad that you can access anywhere with a browser.

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2 comments on “Make Notes Of Everything With Ubernote
  1. I use gmail for the same purpose! 😉
    Except that I cannot edit it. -_-
    No worries though, I just “overwrite” it LOL

    Good share! 😀

  2. narendra.s.v says:

    cool service from Ubernote 😀

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