iGoogle Themes Directory, launched


The big G has now launched another interesting service that will satisfy your browsing interests. iGoogle, which was formerly known as Google Personalized Homepage allows you to create a custom page that displays the Google search engine and configurable iGoogle Gadgets and now comes live, the iGoogle Themes directory.

iGoogle Themes directory allows you to view and select themes you want your Google Homepage to look like. Not only that, this directory also allows you to rate, add comments and know how many users use the specific theme or skin, just like how iGoogle Gadgets has been for the past months.

Changing themes is very easy. All you need to do to change your theme from Classic to something else is to Click on Select Theme, click on the theme that appeals to you, and then click on Add it now.

And the most interesting among all these, you can personalize your homepage by customizing or designing your own theme using the Create your own theme located at the right side of your browser.

As of the moment, 18 themes from Google are already available which you can select from, and as soon as the big G’s fanatics explore and put their artistic talents on, more themes will soon be available for selection. Watch out for more or make your own design and let other people see your hidden artistic talents.

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