Icantdeci.de Helps you Decide Between Two Things

Icantdeci.de (in their own words) is a free, anonymous, emergent decision resolution assistant tool thing. I don’t quite understand what it is but it sounds like fun. It’s like a site for helping you decide on two things that’s been bugging you. You help others decide and they help you decide.

A techno-crutch for the chronically indecisive. Use it to settle bets, satisfy curiosities, pick your prom date or decide where to get takeout.

All you need to do is place your quandary and hit submit. You will be asked to start answering five quandaries before you get your result. Just click on your answer for each quandary and that’s all there is to it. This app is not entirely useful but I had fun looking at what other people posted. If you don’t have a quandary to post and just want to take a peek at other people’s undecided, you can just click start answering button.

7 Comments on “Icantdeci.de Helps you Decide Between Two Things

  1. Hehehe I got 50/50 for my dilemma between writing a comment and not writing a comment… 😀 I’m not sure if it really take users answers into calculation or it just spills out the result randomly.. I hate those five answers you have to give though.. It takes time and time is sometimes crucial for right decision 😀 lol

  2. Hey guys… I’m one of the three that built ICD. It definitely takes other users answers to give you YOUR answers, thats why you have to answer 5 other people’s first! Maybe you can’t make up your mind for you question, but you can always be plenty opinionated about someone else’s 🙂 Hope you enjoy.

  3. This is very clever – I have to go check it out. BTW – I really enjoy your blog. I have passed it on to several clients as a valuable resource. Thanks!

  4. Hey Aaron… Nice to see you here.. I am curious about one thing though… Lets say I’m the only visitor or one of two visitors at one point on the website… And I do a quick flip about my dilemma and answer those 5 questions quickly… Who will answer my question? When there are no users except maybe that other guy..? And i got my answer after those 5 questions? So I guess there is a lot of luck involved which is usually connected with coin flip also… 😀 Anyway nice to have that in the digitized form too…

  5. @ShortApps: LOL!!! Thanks for deciding to comment. Sorry for the late response. Been busy this weekend. Those five answers is just a way of thanking the other five people who answered your question for you.

    @Aaron White: Thanks for giving us a visit here. Really appreciate you clearing things up. I normally give reviews without asking the site owners. They’re all based on what I see as a user. And, it sometimes takes too long to get a response from the site owners. 🙂 Thanks again. I can see that you also work on Doink, It’s interesting and I’ll also check that out.

    @Kim: Thank you so much for doing that. I also enjoy sharing useful and fun sites to everyone.

  6. Hey… I haven’t even seen you replied to this.. Anyway you missed my point…
    What 5 people? When there is only me and maybe some other guy online? There is no one but two of us… Think about it..
    Nevertheless it is nice tool to play with 😉

  7. @ShortApps: Ahh you’re talking about the number of users available at the time you made your query. You have a point there. Can’t help to think that some of the answers are machine generated. Hehe.

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