IamUnique: Create a Unique 3D Portrait of your Online Identity

iamuniqueIamUnique is a web service that allows you to show the world how unique you are. The site lets you build an interactive 3D portrait of yourself. Your IamUnique portrait can words, pictures, videos, stories and even tweets.

Creating an IamUnique portrait starts by uploading your picture and providing some basic information about yourself. You can add different content to your portrait and share it with your friends. You can also contribute content to other IamUnique users. You will be asked to provide your name and email so that your friend will know that it’s you before it gets approved.

The portraits / profiles can be locked by the user if he/she doesn’t want to be accessed by search. This can easily be done in the user settings. If you want to see the locked portrait of someone you know personally, better ask them for approval first.

IamUnique is a unique social networking site that provides a one of a kind user experience. If you’re tired of your current social networking site, check out IamUnique for a fresh social web experience.


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