Get Email Notification For Your Links

linkblip.pngLinkBlip is a very simple webtool that lets you know who clicked the link that you just sent. Have you ever tried sending out one of those sites that scares the hell out of your friends? And when you ask them what they think about the link that you sent them they’ll tell you that they never clicked on it. Well, this webtool will notify you whether the link that you sent has been clicked plus it will also give you the time, city and the state they were when they clicked the link.Here is how it works:

Just enter the URL you want to track down and your email address. LinkBlip will generate a special URL for you which you are going to use instead of the original URL. Whenever someone clicks the URL that you sent out, LinkBlip will notify you through email. The recipient of the URL will never know the difference. This is also a good way to hide the URL that you are going to send out, for whatever reason you may have.

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