Free Books from KnowledgeRush

Knowledgerush is a community driven online directory that shares free books that are available in the internet. You can easily search their directory by category, title or author. What is great about this service is that it shares the online books in different formats. You can get them in text, HTML, Microsoft Ebook, Paginated HTML or paginated text format which will depend on the availability of the format.

Members of the Knowledgerush community can submit books that can be downloaded or read online for free. They also accept submissions from aspiring authors who wants to publish their work online. If you happen to know a page in the internet that contains a book that is not on the directory of Knowledgerush, and want to help out the community, you can submit the URL along with the Author, Title and Category of the book in their submission page which will be reviewed before they are added to the catalog.

The service is different from DailyLit which offers scheduled installments of books but both share the same goal of sharing free books online.

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