Filtersage: Matching New Releases to Past Movies and Records

filtersageFiltersage is a music and movie discovery site that matches new releases to past movies and records. It is a community powered website of movie and music lovers who loves to share their knowledge with everyone. It is a way of discovering new music starting from the ones that you already love. The site allows you to explore other releases that are connected to you present favorites.

You can join in by making your own pairings, or you can comment and vote on those made by others. If you think that a particular connection is accurate, you can easily vote it up or make a comment if you think otherwise and give your own suggestion. This will make it easier for the ones who want to discover new and old music and movies.

Discovering a new movie or record is already fun as it is. Discovering movies that are new to you and is connected to your past favorite makes it even mo interesting. If you know two movies or records that you think have some sort of connection or similarities, share it with the community and help them discover what you know. If you happen to be looking for new movies to watch or new records to listen to, head over to the site and check out their suggestions.

filtersage movie match up

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