FileSwap: Give a File Get One Free

fileswap-logoFileSwap is a file sharing service which is done in a unique fashion. It functions as a place to exchange files. The only difference is that the file that you receive is a surprise. It’s a fun way of sharing files and getting them. It’s a give and take deal. is meant to be fun. It acts as a big black box. You put in one file and you will receive a different file in exchange which someone swaped earlier. If many users swap cool files many other users recieve cool files.

The current file size limit is only 500KB which is big enough for a decent holiday photo or a resized artwork that you made in Photoshop or other image editors. Aside from image files, you can also send text files, PDFs and audio files. Archives (Rar, Zip files) and executable files are not allowed. You can also rate the files that you receive whether it is good or bad. This will determine if the file is worthy of sharing or not.

To be able to download files from FileSwap, your web browser has to support Javascript and Session Cookies (cookies which expire as soon as you close the web browser). If one of these is not enabled you will not be able to download anything.

This is a cool and fun way to share your files with others. Getting something unexpected is the fun part.


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