DooID: Slick and Easy Way to Promote Yourself Online

DooID is a free service that allows you make your own personal online business card. If you’re familiar with online information pages or online business cards, then you won’t have a hard time figuring out DooID. Aside from having a user friendly interface, you also get to make a very attractive, professional-looking online business card.

Add your favorite social networking sites and web services along with your personal contact information by simply providing the usernames that you use for each respective website. You also get to easily customize the look of your business card by simply selecting from a library of colors and templates.

Another great and important feature of DooID is that it gives you total control on how to share your information. You can easily limit the amount of information that you share in your DooID business card. If there is someone (there is always someone) whom you don’t want to share your personal phone number with, you can send that person limited contact information. Your private information can be accessed by a password, which visitors to your site can request via a popup window, or by you sending the password directly. You will always be reachable but you get to choose to what extent.

With DooID 3 on the way (still on private beta), your business card will be optimized not only with web browsers but with tablets and mobile phones as well.


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