Discover and Listen to Music According to your Mood

Musicovery InterfaceMusicovery is a cool web radio app that lets you discover and listen to music according to your mood settings. You can choose from Energetic, Calm, Dark and Positive moods or set the mood somewhere in between to display a more balanced mood selection. The service also allows you to balance your selection according to tempo and dance level. You can also toggle the genre checkbox to narrow down the displayed selection according to your favorite genre(s) and select a decade to filter the songs that are released in a specific time period.

Whenever you make a change in the control panel, Musicovery will display a different set of songs which fits your settings. The songs are displayed in a mindmap interface and are color coded according to genre. There is no registration required in order to listen to music, however, signing up in their free service will allow you to rate a song and add them to your favorites list in your account and ban a song from ever showing up again in your selections. The free service only allows you to listen to LoFi (Low Fidelity) songs and you have to cash out four dollars a month in order to listen to songs in HiFi (High Fidelity). A link to Amazon, Itunes and Ebay is also provided on the side of each playing music control panel just in case you want to buy the album of the playing track.

Musicovery is a cool and unique place to discover music online. The service does not offer a quick song or artist search. You have to go to sites like SeeqPod for that. So, if you are up listening to music in a different way check out Musicovery and let the music hit your mood.

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