Digg To The Future With Future Scanner

Future Scanner is a future social voting network, Digg style. The articles found in Future Scanner are pretty much predictions of the future. The lists of categories are similar to Digg but with a few unusual additions like Biotechnology and Metaverse. Under the Metaverse category, you will find articles like “Virtual Worlds + Social Networking = Next Big Thing.”

Future Scanner

Membox (The Company behind Future Scanner):

Our first application, the Future Scanner, essentially scans the web for the best future-focused content (predictions by experts, discoveries that will impact future events, product prototypes, industry forecasts, useful resources, etc.) and then sorts it by future Year and Category. When Community members locate these types of cool links, they tag them accordingly and submit them to site via their personal accounts. Other users then vote on the material they find most interesting or beneficial and the best content ends up being featured on the front page. Users are also encouraged to link together related scans and resources, so that it becomes easier to find more information on a given topic.

With social news voting websites popping out everywhere, Future Scanner brings a new and different way of delivering unique content to us. It may not pass as your everyday read, because its content falls more under the category of entertainment rather than actual fact. If you like reading about the future, maybe you should check out their beta site. Maybe you can blog about the future and submit it to Future Scanner. Who knows, you might get that Digg effect, Future Scanner style on your page views. Maybe you can read about in Future Scanner who will be the next owner of Digg. With rumors flying around that Digg is actually serious about a sale for $300 Million.

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