Comiqs: Create Your Own Online Comics

header-icon.gifComiqs is one cool site where you can create your very own comics. You can use your photos or images for your comics. You can upload your images from your hard drive or get it from your Flickr account. Their online editor is very easy to use. Page layouts, images and speech bubbles are just one drag and drop away.

Comiqs is like the You Tube for online comics. You can embed your comics to your blog or social sites or just share your profile link to your friends. You can also rate other comics that others have created. This is a new and fun way to share your photos and drawings with your friends and family. Comiqs is kinda like Issuu but in a more casual and fun manner of sharing photos.

The usefulness of this site does not end in making comics art. Aside from just creating stories with your favorite photos, drawings, or images, you can also use Comiqs as a tool for easily making tutorials. This can be a great You Tube alternative for quick tutorials. Just take screenshots and make use of the speech bubble for the instructions. Below are a video preview by the Comiqs team on how to use and a sample of the created comics using Comiqs.

4 Comments on “Comiqs: Create Your Own Online Comics

  1. @Louie:
    Hey, this does looks like a useful tool!

    Now if only I have the time to load up some cool games to get some nice screenies for this. 🙂

    Good share, mate.

    Shouldn’t you be rushing your assignments? LOL

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