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cityspeek-logoMicro blogging is a thing of the past. They are calling them micro sharing sites nowadays. With all the enhanced features of sharing images and videos along with micro messaging/blogging that micro-social-networking sites are placing in their service, I am not a bit surprised. CitySpeek is one of those services with such features. Sharing links and 140 characters long thoughts are great but people are going to want more.

CitySpeek enhances communication by integrating pictures, video, categories and groups. It is easy to use and really nice to look at. It has a great interface and adding a picture or video to your update can be done in just a snap. You can also categorize your message by news, rumor, for sale, question, funny and others. Categorizing your messages will allow others to easily filter and find related messages. If one is looking for funny posts, it can easily be found using the filtering tool.

If you are looking for a Twitter-like social networking site, you might want to give CitySpeek a shot. Aside from looking great, it might give you the functionality that you are looking for that is not present on other micro blogging sites.


Update ( January 29, 2009)

Today we flipped the switch on our new translation feature.We have used the Google Translate API and integrated it right into CitySpeek. Users still write messages in their native language and the viewer of that message is given the option to translate the Speek into their default language with just one click. It couldn’t be simpler and we support over 30 languages. Now you can find new friends, trends, and news globally. We invite you to reach out to people in other countries and connect in ways you never thought possible.

2 Comments on “CitySpeek: Enhanced Micro Sharing Site

  1. Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate your support!

    We wanted to let OrangeInks readers know about our latest feature, rolled out yesterday: CitySpeek translate. We have used the Google Translate API to allow speeks to be translated into one of over 30 languages, based on user settings.

    Have a look and let us know what you think. Thanks again for your support!

  2. You’re welcome Jeff.CitySpeek is awesome. I already updated the post as soon as I got the email update from you guys. Although, I should have done that a lot sooner like when you messaged me about it in CitySpeek. 🙂

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