Child’s Own Studio Turns Children’s Drawings into Real Custom Toys

Did you ever wish that you could have turned your childhood creations on paper into something real? – Something that you can actually hold? Some might have been lucky enough to hold the drawings that they made when they were a child. Now, you can actually make a child’s drawings into real toy with the help of an awesome company called Child’s Own Studio.

Child’s Own Studio started with a simple project, to make a recognizable comfort toy for a 4 year old boy based on his drawing. It was an idea that launched a home-based craft business. Since then, Child’s Own Studio has custom made over 200 personal softies, each one as unique as the child who drew it.

The details and color choices are reproduced as closely as possible so that the stuffed toy that arrives in the mail is immediately recognizable to the child who designed it. It’s a fun, rewarding process, and kids love seeing their drawings come alive. It’s a great gift of choice for kids who loves to draw and create imaginary characters on paper. The next time you think of a gift for your kids, check out Child’s Own Studio.

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