BIDI: Share your Bucket List

bidiBIDI (Before I Die I …) just complete the sentence, sharing your goals or something that you want to do before you die. BIDI is one of those anonymous secret or confession sharing sites. The only difference is that you get to share the stuff that you want to do or accomplish before you part this world.

The fun and interesting part in BIDI is reading what others have shared. You’ll be surprised on the things that other people wanted to do before their demise. Some are funny, some are inspiring and there are sad ones too, but hey, if they still have time to do it, maybe it’s not that sad. If ever you feel like making a comment on other’s BIDI, you can do so by using the Google friend connect login. I just have to remind you that commenting on BIDI’s is not anonymous.

If ever you’re up for sharing the things that you want to accomplish before you hit the bucket, Before I Die I… is the place to do it. Whether you are serious or not with your share, your thoughts will always count.


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