BiblioFaction: Read, Write, Share Short Stories

bibliofactionBiblioFaction is a community powered website for people who love short stories. Whether you are a writer or someone who loves to read short stories, BiblioFaction is a great online hangout.

Bibliofaction promises to be to the world of stories what Facebook is to friendship, Google to searching, and YouTube to home-made videos.

New and seasoned writers can publish their stories online through the website. They aim to build a community where new and experienced writers alike can draw inspiration from one another. Not all submitted stories get published on BiblioFaction. They have a team of editors that filters the good stuff from the not-so-good ones. If your manuscript doesn’t get published, you can seek help from real authors who are also members of BiblioFaction. The community is there to make you a better author and not destroy your hopes and dreams of becoming a great writer.

A few things that you can expect from BiblioFaction once you publish your stories

• Find your audience
• Sharpen your skills
• Get feedback on your writing

Readers can also expect user friendly navigation and a great reading experience. The stories are presented as if you are reading a real book, page by page. The stories found on Bibliofaction are rated accordingly and any member of the community can place a comment on the published stories.

Your BiblioFaction account will also act as a bookshelf for the short stories that you enjoyed reading. If you find a good read, you can store that story on your virtual bookshelf so that you can come back to it again or share it with your friends.


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  1. Hey, I am a writer and specialize in short stories aimed at children.

    BiblioFaction sounds so awesome and I will be having a look, thank you for the advice.

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