15ToFame: Become a Disposable Celebrity in Three Simple Steps

15ToFame is a website that is inspired by Andy Warhol who made a prophecy that “ In the future everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Read more about Andy Warhol and his prediction after making the jump to Wikipedia.

For the guys at 15ToFame, that future is now. By utilizing the power of YouTube and social networking, you’ll get a chance to participate in making the prophecy a reality.

Three Steps to stardom:

The first step is to choose an available time slot for your video. During the 15 minutes that you chose to become an instant celebrity, the world will get to see your video at the same moment.

The second step is to get the URL of your video from YouTube. Yes, you’ll need to upload your video on YouTube first then paste the link to 15ToFame. This will probably double your chances in making your video viral provided that 15ToFame receives a large amount of hits at the time that your video is airing. That’s where the third step comes in.

The Third step is for you to spread the word through social networking. Make announcements and tell your friends about your time slot in 15ToFame. This will also help the website to gain popularity thus give users a better chance in making their video go viral.

The idea is simple. Upload a video and 15ToFame will air your video for 15 minutes without any distractions and competition on your time slot. This is a great way of getting your YouTube video additional exposure and a great way of entertaining viewers 15 minutes at a time.

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