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This Website Will Allow you to Record Yourself for 3 Seconds and Make it a GIF is a website that allows you to make a GIF of yourself in 3 easy steps. First, record yourself for 3 seconds, edit and save it into GIF.

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Where to Get a Random Image of Any Size that you Can Use Anywhere for Free?

There’s no shortage of images on the internet. The only problem is that free images are hard to come by these days. Most of the images that you’ll find when you do a search are copyrighted or for sale. So,

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The Place to Go if you Want to Browse Useless Websites

We remember the URL of websites because they provide some sort of function to us. If a particular website becomes useless, our tendency is to forget them until the need for its particular function arises again. So, there are websites

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The Coca Cola Work It Out Calculator Tells you How Much Workout you Need to Burn a Can of Coke

The web-app was developed in association with Dr. Greg Whyte to help you achieve energy balance. This is to make sure that there isn’t any imbalance between the amount of calories you take in each day and the amount you

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Follow the F1 Indian Grand Prix in Real Time with Google Maps

Check out this interesting app that allows you to follow a F1 Grand Prix in real time by using Google Maps. What it does is feed you the position of each driver on the race graphically by utilizing Google Maps.

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A Website that’s Full of Compliments to Make you Feel Better

Do you feel bad about yourself for some reason and are you desperately in need of a compliment from someone? Well, if you can’t find that someone at the moment, maybe the Emergency Compliment website can help you. You can

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