Word2Text: Get Rid of Unwanted Word Characters

word2textWord2Text is a simple tool that you can use to clean your word document and convert them to plain text. This can be useful if you have text content that was written using Word and want to paste them directly to your blog, website or HTML-Document.

If you’re a blogger, then you may already have encountered or noticed the word to blog editor issue. This obviously will happen if you type your content using the Word document editor, copy, and paste on your blog editor. It may look normal at first glance but if you happen to check the HTML version of the pasted document, you’ll notice different code clutter that was included in the paste process. When you copy a text directly from word, hidden formatting codes also gets copied. The result is a nasty HTML code for your posts/pages.

WordPress has an option “Paste as Plain Text” which is ultimately useful when you do your writing using Word. If you are using other blogging platform that does not use the feature and want to have a nice clean HTML code for your posts, Word2Text can be utilized to clean-up the messy HTML code that Word produces and convert them into plain text format. Simply paste the document on the Word2Text input box and press convert. The result is a clutter free plain text version of your written content.

word to text converter

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