TynT Tracer: Track Which Content is Being Copied From your Website

tynt-logotynt-tracerTracer is a very useful and amazing tool that you can use to keep track of your content and see what goes on with your site. It will act like your personal big brother tool for your website. What it does is it tracks which of your content is being copied and it will tell you which part (paragraph, sentence, word, image) got copied and display them in real time.

The Tracer monitor records a user’s action each time content from your website or blog is highlighted or copied. The recorded data will then be displayed on your Tracer dashboard. You can then use the data to keep track of what your visitors/users are interested in and create a targeted content based on user activity.
How it works.

After signing up, you will be asked to place the Tracer code on your website. That code will be linked to your Tynt Tracer dashboard so that it can monitor the site activity. Once the code is installed, you will notice that whenever you highlight at part of your website, a loading action is performed. Just look at the top of your page tab and you will notice that the loading indicator activates.

If you want to find out which part of your content got copied, just click it from your Tynt Tracer dashboard and it will take you to the page where the action was made and Tracer will highlight the part of the content that was taken.

There is another feature of Tynt Tracer that should not be left unmentioned. I think this one will please most bloggers. Every time content gets copied and pasted on emails, IMs, blogs, websites or social networking sites, Tynt Tracer will automatically add an attribution link going to your site/page, along with the copied content. This feature only works when a certain number of words are copied. Copying a single word or a phrase and embedding the link can be very annoying to users especially if they’re just copying them just to make a search. I’m not sure if this works on automated content scrapers because they usually go for RSS feeds but it’s still a great feature.

This provides return traffic to your site when your content is shared without your knowledge while maintaining a consistent user experience. You can’t stop users from copying off your site but you can make the pasted content your virtual ambassador!

If you’re interested in finding out what goes on in your website, give Tynt Tracer a shot and learn more about your users.


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  1. It is my first time to hear this tool. Thanks a lot for sharing. I’m going to use this right away and keep track of content that is being copied from my site.

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