The Social Ribbon Ad Generator

If you’re looking for something to boost your social networking reach through your website or blog, maybe a social ribbon ad is just the thing for you. If you are not ad blind and happen to notice those ribbon strips that you see on corners of weblogs that usually contains ad links, now you can generate a similar ribbon strip containing the link to your social networking profile with the help of the Social Ribbon Generator.

The site supports popular social networking sites that most blogger uses. You can generate Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube ribbons. Just choose which social networking site you want featured on your ribbon ad, add your network username, press the generate code and place it in your blog/website just before the </body> tag.


2 Comments on “The Social Ribbon Ad Generator

  1. I only installed it once for the screenshot. 😉 I still have my social networking buttons. I featured the ribbon strips for those interested. Thank you for pointing that out Gem. Very much appreciated.

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