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ShrinkTheWeb is a service which focuses on providing users with a simple solution on integrating dynamic website previews to their own websites. Dynamic, meaning that if you choose to place a thumbnail screenshot in your blog or site, that screenshot will update along with the original website it is linked to.

This neat service is free. If you want more features such as full-length page website thumbnail, specific page capture, custom sized thumbnail, refresh on demand and more, you have to sign up for a pro account. While the pro account is packed with features, the free service is not bad either. You can choose from three thumbnail sizes (see image below), get 15,000 requests per month with a limit of 250,000 fetches per month. Not bad for a free deal. Oh, and it works on sub-domains too.

To use the simple method, just copy the HTML code and replace the “yoursite” text with the domain you want to preview. You can customize the thumbnail sized by clicking the customize link. Advanced method is also available in the form of plugins (WordPress, Drupal, vBulletin and PHP Link Directory). You can also get their API code which will allow you to use the service in a more personalized manner, feature-wise. I went for the simple mode and did not get to test the WordPress plugin.

Check out the sample thumbnail below.

Note: The free service thumbnails gets updated once a month.

9 Comments on “ShrinkTheWeb :Get Dynamic Screen Shot Thumbnails

  1. Hmmm.. sounds very interesting.. I have been looking for ways to make this thingy in my images or desired images..

    Thanks a bunch for sharing.

  2. @WebbieGurl: You can place the dynamic thumbnail instead of placing static screenshots. The image will update along with the site. I helps keep track of the image even if the owner of that site decided to redesign it.

    @Rogue: It may not be entirely useful to everyone. Some would still prefer the static image but it is quite interesting and good knowing. 😉

  3. @AgentOrange
    Wow… I must say that your review is one of the most concise, thorough, and accurate that I have come across. 😉

    Job well done, sir. The only note I would make is regarding your comment about “static images”… for those users, the API will allow them to “cache locally” any thumbnail that they want. So, it really suits just about anyone.

    Thanks again for the great review!



  4. @Brandon: Sorry for the late reply. Hehe. You are very much welcome kind Sir. Thanks for elaborating the API. I’m sure that our readers will find it useful. ShrinkTheWeb is a pretty cool service indeed. 😉

    Heyyy, It’s Mr. AgentOrange!!! LOL! Just so happens that I’m popular with the ladies. 😀

  5. @AgentOrange: I agree with Brandon, great review man! Thanks alot!

    Just a note,

    We now offer 6 FREE default sizes making it simple to switch from most other providers without changing the format of your page.

    Check it out! 🙂


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