CubeStat: How Much is your Website Worth?

CubeStat is a web app which computes and estimates the worth of a website/blog plus a lot more. It gives details on the website’s traffic, daily ad revenue, rankings, indexed pages and other information about a particular website.

I don’t know how accurate CubeStat is because the only way to determine a site’s worth is if someone is willing to pay a certain amount to acquire a particular website. That being said, it’s still pretty cool to check out how much your/other website is worth according to CubStat’s computations. It’s like one of those Technorati “How much is your blog worth?” thing that people place on their blogs. The only difference is that CubeStat’s computation is based on different stats and rankings.

Aside from the actual worth estimation of CubeStat, you can use it in checking your/others site ranking. You can find out how many backlinks and indexed pages a website has. You can also find out the age of a website including the expiration date. CubeStat is a neat tool for checking all those stats in one place. You don’t have to go to different websites and check your stats manually.

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  1. @Nihar: I think that CubeStat is basing it’s site worth estimation on Alexa traffic. Your site does have a high Alexa rank. It’s no surprise that CubeStat will give your site a high price. 🙂

  2. Cubestat gave me a lot of information about my blog. Thanks for posting about it. I will also post about it as well and link to you. I was quite pleasantly surprised at the results I got on my three blogs.

    I have some questions though:
    1) Who would pay what it says the site is worth?
    2) How can a get a picture of my results posted to my blog?

  3. @Karen: As I’ve said, CubeStat only estimates the worth of your blog and it’s true value can only be determined upon acquisition. If someone actually is willing to buy your site and you agree to it, then I guess that is your true blog worth. Cubestat is just an estimation.

    Here’s a part of their FAQ. Thanks to Joe for that by the way: “Are the Cubestat estimations allways accurate?
    No, estimation is a simplified interpretation of appraisal, therefore Cubestat visitors should take that as limited .ltd.
    For a real estimation or appraisal we recommend to consult one or (preferably) more experts. ”

    For your second question, just press the prt sc(r) (print screen button) on your keyboard and paste it on any image editor you have installed on you computer. 🙂

  4. You should also consider ; they provide a nice summary of the website performance. I find their WF rank being more accurate than Alexa.

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