Comeks: Add Fun to Photo Blogging

comeksComeks is a place where you can hack your beautiful photos and add some comic fun unto them. You can add cartoony images and stickers along with speech bubbles to your photos without using desktop photo editing tools. You can make your Comeks using your computer and Mobile devices.

They have a collection of colorful images for you to choose from. Just upload your photo from your computer or mobile phones and you can start adding “stuff” to your photos. If you’re going to upload your own stickers, it would be a great idea if you use transparent images for better effect. There are lots of transparent images out there that you can download for free.

The application is very simple and easy enough to use. Just stick something and resize it. You can share your creations in Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email and MMS. Comeks supports Android, iPhone, Sony Ericsson Phones and Nokia Phones. Since you can share your Comeks via email, it goes without saying that you can also Photoblog using Posterous.

Comeks can be a fun way to share photos or photoblog, but it’s not for everybody. You don’t really want to “Comekize” your photo if you’re a professional photographer or graphic artist. But for the rest of you looking to have some Comeks fun with your photos, just visit them from your mobile phones or computers.


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