BlogRadio: Listen to Any Blog Anywhere

BlogRadio is a cloud based, streaming media for RSS. It simply means that you can listen to any blog that has RSS (which is almost all blogs). If you’re too busy to read your favorite blogs but still want to be updated, you can listen to them while you do your stuff. And it’s all for free.

How it works

You’ll have to download a desktop application which supports three major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X). Once installed, simply subscribe to your favorite blog(s) using the BlogRadio Desktop Manager Tool. BlogRadio will convert the text of the blog to an audio file for you. All that’s left for you to do now is to sit back and listen.

BlogRadio is an alternative way of keeping in-touch with your favorite blogs. If you’re too busy to read them, why not listen to them. You can choose a male or female voice to read for you and they are made to sound as natural as possible.

Blog Radio also has an iPhone app that allows you to sync your streams and listen (and view images) using your iPhone.

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