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Entrecard is one way of advertising your site and increasing traffic. What is so great about this advertising scheme is that it’s FREE! I came across Entrecard while browsing one of my Mixx buddies’ website I-Make-Money-On-Facebook. In her blog, she was talking about the famous John Chow who just bought an advertising spot in her website through Entrecard. When I checked out the site, it got me interested. Who wouldn’t be interested in free advertising? So I decided that I would give it a shot.

How it works:

Credits are the currency of the Entrecard network. If you have credits you can buy advertising spots from other blog sites. The Entrecard spot looks like the one on this site’s sidebar.


How do you get credits?

One credit is given to you when you drop your Entrecard on one of the sites using it, and the same amount of credit will be given to you if others drop their card on your site through the Entrecard widget. Remember that Everytime you drop someone a card on his/her widget you visit their site an that will account to one visit in their site. It will have the same effect on your site when someone gives you an Entrecard. You also get credits when someone buys an ad space from your Entrecard account. You can then use those credits to buy an adspace from other sites. Once you’ve bought an ad space, your ad button will be posted on his/her entrecard widget for a whole day.

How much does one ad space cost?

In the beginning your adspace for your site will cost only 2 credits, but as you receive more drops of entrecard in your widget it will increase in value. Top sites like John Chow’s will cost you 90 credits for a full day of your ad in his widget.

Entrecard: To advertise your card on someone else’s widget, it costs the number of credits equal to twice the number of cards dropped on that widget each day. So if a widget receives an average of 50 cards dropped into it each day, advertising on that widget will cost 100 credits per day. This helps insure that for every two credits you pay, a unique user will see your ad and be clicking in the general vicinity. It also ensures the economy balances, because every time you drop your card, it creates two credits. That surplus must be balanced via advertising costs.

You also have the power to approve and reject cards that will be posted in your Entrecard widget. If you don’t feel right about a particular ad appearing on your site then you can reject the Ad.

If you are looking for a way to increase traffic in your website or blog and maybe earn some new blogger friends then Entrecard might just do it.

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