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BlockChalk: Post Anonymous Messages on your Neighborhood

BlockChalk is an iPhone app that lets you your phone to leave anonymous messages on your neighborhood and see what your neighbors are saying. You can use the app to ask, answer, praise, gripe, report, prevent, borrow, trade, and much

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Spgrab: Free ScreenShot Sharing Windows App

SpGrab is a Windows application that allows you to quickly create screenshots and share them with anyone online via a tiny URL that is automatically copied to your cipboard. The tiny app runs in the background of your computer and

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SpellBoy: Spell-Check The Web

SpellBoy is an online spell-checker tool. If you are a blogger/online publisher, a good spell checking tool is a must-have. Misspelled words can affect the search engine optimization of your website which can result in mis-searches or non-indexing of search

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UFO Search Engine: Search Alien Related Manuals

UFO Search Engine or is a PDF search engine that caters a specific search service. It returns results of manuals that are UFO related. If you are having a hard time looking for alien related or UFO sightings ebooks

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BlogRadio: Listen to Any Blog Anywhere

BlogRadio is a cloud based, streaming media for RSS. It simply means that you can listen to any blog that has RSS (which is almost all blogs). If you’re too busy to read your favorite blogs but still want to

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The PicLab: Online Photo Editor for Quick and Simple Editing Jobs

ThePicLab is like most online photo editors that are available out ther on the web. And like those online photo editors, you can use it for free and do simple photo editing jobs that doesn’t require too much effects or

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